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Apple on iWatch hiring blitz ahead of possible late 2014 launch, says Financial Times

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WWDC Stock images
WWDC Stock images

A new report in the Financial Times today says that Apple has significantly stepped up hiring in a bid to engineer its long-rumored smartwatch. The report goes on to say that CEO Tim Cook could still scrap the project — Cupertino has a reputation for leaving half-baked projects on the cutting-room floor over the years — but that Apple currently has "several dozen" people actively working on the iWatch. Interestingly, FT says that the activity suggests that the project wouldn't be ready for retail until the second half of 2014, running against earlier rumors that we could see it on shelves before the end of the year; if true, that leaves an opportunity for Google, Samsung, and smaller players like Pebble and MetaWatch to make a splash over the course of the next 12-plus months.