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In Kuwait, Instagram is big business for sellers

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Instagram hands-on
Instagram hands-on

If you're looking to sell something online, where do you go? eBay? Craigslist? Etsy? In Kuwait, it turns out you might look somewhere else: Instagram. In an interview with Mousse Magazine, Senegalese artist (and Kuwaiti resident) Fatima Al Qadiri describes how everyday Kuwaitis establish "Instagram businesses" by simply sticking prices on items, snapping photos of them, and uploading them to their Instagram accounts. And it's becoming a big deal: Jason Kottke's notes that the American University of Kuwait recently hosted an "Insta-Business Expo" for Instagram-based companies. It's probably not the direction Instagram — a service best known for its square, filtered cameraphone photos — expected users to go, but why fight a trend?