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Microsoft cuts Surface RT prices by 30 percent worldwide, hopes to boost slow sales

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Microsoft Surface RT stock
Microsoft Surface RT stock

Microsoft's Surface RT is getting price cuts across the world this week as the company looks to boost sales of its first ever tablet hardware. The Verge revealed the price cuts recently for the US, but the cuts are also going into effect in Europe and other international countries that currently offer the Surface RT. Microsoft's online stores and third-party retailers are all offering the tablet at around 30 percent less, with prices varying per region. The software maker is not altering its Surface Pro pricing at this time.

Although Microsoft has entered into the top five vendors for tablet sales worldwide with its Surface devices, the actual sales have been rather slow. IDC recently reported Q1 sales figures for the Surface RT and Surface Pro, totalling just 900,000 with the majority made up of Pro sales. Microsoft is not commenting on Surface sales, and the company has refused to disclose them in its financial reports. Windows CFO Tami Reller has hinted that the company may "provide some updates on how things are going," in future, but there's little guidance right now.

A new Surface RT expected soon

The price cuts follow a recently launched education program to sell the Surface RT to schools at $199. Microsoft has also been clearing the stock of its Surface RT tablets during its Tech-Ed and Worldwide Partner Conferences, offering them to attendees for just $99. Microsoft is expected to introduce a refreshed Surface RT device, with the company recently hinting at new Surface hardware within the next year.