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'Angry Birds Star Wars II' will follow the prequel trilogy and feature physical toys

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But you'll have to wait until September

Angry Birds Star Wars 2
Angry Birds Star Wars 2

The birds are back, yet again — Rovio has just announced a sequel to its popular and surprisingly fun pop culture mash-up Angry Birds Star Wars. The new game will follow the story of the prequel trilogy, so you'll finally get to see what a bird version of Darth Maul looks like, along with characters like Mace Windu and a young Anakin. Few details about the game have been announced just yet, but Rovio has teamed up with Hasbro for an interesting new addition to the franchise.

Players will be able buy physical toys called Telepods, which can be scanned with your smartphone's camera to "teleport" that character in the game, much like in series like Skylanders and the upcoming Disney Infinity. More than 30 toy characters will be available when the game launches, which won't be until September 19th — in the meantime, you can always play Tiny Thief, Rovio's latest release.