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Google cracking down on sites that push fake, spammy search results to users

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Google New York Chelsea Office (STOCK)
Google New York Chelsea Office (STOCK)

Google is always trying to crack down on deceptive pages in its search results, and the company says its going to take harsher action against sites that push fake search results to users. Sometimes, when visiting a site from Google's search results, pressing the "back" button in the browser will bring up a fake page that looks like a listing of search results but is in fact a page full of ads. Google says that its been getting more complaints about this tactic lately, and while it is the kind of thing most savvy browsers will recognize, there are plenty of people who could end up clicking through to potentially spapy or harmful links. To keep users safe, Google says it'll take the step of removing sites that engage in this deception from its search results — but if you're a webmaster and think you've been blocked incorrectly, a message to Google should clear up your problems.