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About Tim Stevens....



Hire him.

......that's it. That's all I got.

No wait, love to see Tim Stevens work with the Verge. I'd particularly like to see him and Chris Zeigler start a "automotive" section of the verge. That's be awesome. Just an idea. Don't know how anyone else feels about but that's me. Oh and they were super petty for shutting down his email minutes after they fired him. Great way to end a business relationship. Stevens is like the nicest person one could ever meet in tech. So I find it EXTREMELY irritating they did that to him. So Verge, hire him. My 2 cents. I'd like to see him and Chris start an "Auto" section of the Verge, but I personally think He'd find more freedom to pursue some of the things he wants to pursue here than where he was (which is why you guys left Engadget in the 1st place).

Practically Kismet.