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The best 13" ultrabook for Ubuntu 13.04?


Yes - just like the post below wants the info for an 11" ultrabook, I'm after (almost) the same information for a 13" - but with a caveat.

These are the facts:

I am increasingly uncomfortable with large corporations owning our data and serving it up to the government.

I am increasingly uncomfortable with Apple and the anti-competititive practices, e-book price fixing, etc.

I have a MacBook Air 13" for 2 years and tried out a Dell XPS 13 with Windows 8, Windows 7 and Ubuntu 13.04. The Dell was a perfect size and shape, liked the lack of bezel, but the screen (720p) was low-resolution and lackuster, and the trackpad was simply awful. Not impressed with build quality. I bought (and returned) a Lenovo Yoga 13, because the keyboard flex and fan noise indicated poor build quality although the screen was great.

This is the question:

Weening myself off Apple and also Google services (recently deleted my facebook profile too yesterday), what 13" ultrabook would work best with Ubuntu 13.04 in terms of screen quality and resolution (1600x900 or above), trackpad, keyboard, battery life? My work involves editing large volumes of text, so the screen quality is important. Is there a gem of an ultrabook that I have missed? Would a Thinkpad X1 Carbon be the perfect all-round Linux laptop given my requirements? Or is there another business ultraportable (e.g. Dell Latitude 6430u) that would do the job?