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Nokia Windows Phones to receive Bluetooth 4.0 update to support fitness devices and accessories

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Lumia 720 stock
Lumia 720 stock

Nokia is planning to issue a software update to its range of Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices that includes Bluetooth 4.0 support. Sources familiar with Nokia's plans have revealed to The Verge that the Bluetooth update will include Low Energy support for fitness devices like Fitbit, and a range of new accessories that Nokia is planning to release soon. We're told that the majority of Nokia's Lumia Windows Phone 8 range will be updated, including the Lumia 820 and 920. Most of Nokia's Windows Phone 8 devices include chipsets that support Bluetooth 4.0, but the option has not yet been enabled.

A recently leaked slide revealed Nokia plans to update its Lumia 520, 620, and 720 devices too. We understand that Nokia's new accessories will focus on combining the Bluetooth Low Energy support with the company's location services like Here Maps and Here Drive. The Bluetooth 4.0 update will be delivered to most devices as part of Nokia's "Amber" update in the coming weeks.