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Tinder dating app expands to Android after finding huge success on iOS

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Tinder Android
Tinder Android

Tinder, the simplistic, swipe-based dating app that's exploded in popularity since launching on iOS last year, is finally expanding to Android. Available now for devices running version 2.2 and above, Tinder has already been downloaded between 5,000 and 10,000 times according to Google Play's statistics — and that's in less than 24 hours. Like SnapChat's meteoric rise, Tinder's success can be attributed largely to simplicity; the app's core functionality involves swiping through photos and brief profiles of other users near your location. Swiping a photo to the right means you're interested in someone, and if they happen to like you back, Tinder offers to open up a chat session connecting the matched pair. That's it. If you're not a Facebook user, you'll be left out. Tinder uses the social network to pull in your profile data.

The app eschews the exhaustive profiles and publicly visible questionnaires you'll find on deeper dating services like OKCupid, but the no frills (and somewhat superficial) recipe is proving hugely successful. CEO Sean Rad recently told TechCrunch that Tinder users have already rated over seven billion profiles in all; the app has thus far produced over 100 million matches. And that's on iOS alone, so the company stands to reach even greater heights by branching out to Android.