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Google Maps arrives on iPad with 2.0 update

Google Maps arrives on iPad with 2.0 update

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A big update to Google Maps for iOS has just arrived, for the first time adding a custom iPad interface. Like the major Android update last week, the revamp improves navigation with live traffic updates and incident reports, along with indoor maps for finding your way around shopping malls and the like.

Searching for directions on the iPad presents a popover with what Google presumes is your best choice, with alternate routes hidden inside an expandable stack of cards, identically to the Android version. Perhaps coincidentally, the design is in tune with Apple’s preference for expanding areas of interest throughout iOS 7, rather than have users navigate back and forth modally through a stack of different choices.

All in all, the app is essentially identical to last week’s Android release, part of Google’s attempts to unify its apps across platforms. Engadget points out that it even has an Easter egg for local caching of maps (albeit not in all areas) — just type "Ok maps" in the search box to save the visible area to your device. Google Maps 2.0 for iOS has just begun rolling out, so if it isn’t available yet where you live, it should be before long.

Update: Google Maps 2.0 is available now on the US App Store.