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Benedict Cumberbatch channels WikiLeaks' Julian Assange in 'The Fifth Estate' trailer

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the fifth estate 2040
the fifth estate 2040

The first trailer for DreamWorks’ upcoming WikiLeaks film The Fifth Estate has just been released, showing Benedict Cumberbatch taking on the mantle of Julian Assange. After seeing a draft script of the production, Assange called the film a "mass propaganda attack against WikiLeaks the organization, and the character of my staff" — criticisms he echoed against the Alex Gibney documentary We Steal Secrets, which was also released this year.

Assange might not be a fan of the screenplay, based on books by Daniel Domscheit-Berg — a onetime WikiLeaks activist turned Assange critic — and Guardian journalist Luke Harding, but Cumberbatch’s impersonation is spot-on. The Fifth Estate will be released in US theaters on October 18th.

Update: It looks like WikiLeaks itself has some thoughts on the trailer as well.