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Rare and deleted vinyl from iconic Universal artists to see crowdfunded re-presses

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album record red2
album record red2

Universal Music hopes to use crowdfunding initiatives popularized by websites like Kickstarter to revive out-of-print records. The music label's vinyl arm Uvinyl recently launched The Vinyl Project to reproduce "rare and deleted" records if they get the backing they require. Universal says it will make the initial list of albums of available when the service launches.

The company says funders will receive limited-edition prints of old records which come complete with digital downloads and personalized art prints. The initiative isn't a new idea — Ninja Tune also offers vinyl represses using a similar model — but The Vinyl Project calls upon Universal's extensive back catalog, allowing music lovers to vote with their wallets. The label has yet to announce a start date or if how it intends to open up access to other records, but invites potential buyers to register their interest on the Uvinyl website.

Update: This article has been updated to remove the names of albums that were initially thought to be under consideration.