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Acer preparing 8-inch Windows 8 tablet successor to address complaints

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acer iconia w3
acer iconia w3

Acer is preparing to release a refreshed version of its Iconia W3 tablet. After only being announced in early June, and recently released to retailers, Acer's 8-inch Windows 8 tablet has been criticised over its poor display and bulky size. In our own review we found the display unusable, and the device large and heavy. It looks like Acer is preparing to rectify some of the complaints just weeks after its release. Dutch site reports that Acer spokesperson Sterre Swank has confirmed a new successor is in the works that is designed to be "thinner and lighter." There's no official word on an improved display, but given the existing panel it's likely that Acer will want to improve things there too.

Swank also revealed to Tweakers that the company will sell the remaining W3 units the Netherlands, and that retailers will not receive new stock. The Verge contacted Acer, and it appears the company is still committed to the W3 in the UK at least. "Since the introduction at Computex we started to sell the Iconia W3 targeted at users who are looking for a device matching fun and productivity, and will continue to do so," says an Acer UK spokesperson.