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MetroTwit for Windows 8 finally updated with bug fixes and a complete redesign

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MetroTwit Windows 8 update
MetroTwit Windows 8 update

MetroTwit originally debuted ahead of the Windows 8 release as one of the first Twitter clients for Microsoft's latest operating system. The desktop version is one of the more popular Twitter clients for Windows, and it made its move to the "Metro-style" version rapidly with plenty of bugs on board. MetroTwit has now ironed out most of the crashes and bugs plaguing the original version, and it's releasing a major update this week that includes a complete redesign.

Although an official Twitter app for Windows 8 has been released, it's rather limited for users interested in seeing multiple streams of Tweets. If you're a fan of multicolumn Twitter clients like TweetDeck or the original MetroTwit then this is still included in the refreshed version. The new UI makes it a lot easier to switch between Tweets, mentions, DMs, and favorites. The usual Snap View is also supported, with realtime streaming enabled so Tweets flow automatically. Lists and multi account support is available through an in-app upgrade. The latest MetroTwit update fixes a lot of the original issues, but we'd still like to see some better control over notifications and Live Tile updates.