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'Sharknado' reborn: Syfy announces NYC-based sequel, lets fans choose the name on Twitter

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Sharks in the city

Sharknado 2
Sharknado 2

Fear not, Sharknado fans — perhaps the most inevitable sequel of all time has been confirmed. The Syfy network has confirmed that Sharknado will be getting a sequel, and this time the sharks are headed to New York City. There aren't really any other "plot" details at this time, though Syfy executive VP Thomas Vitale hinted in a statement that a prequel could be a possibility; the network did confirm that the movie will premiere in 2014.

While the first movie didn't exactly draw huge ratings, it took over Twitter in a wholly unexpected way. Of course, Syfy is trying to capitalize on that following with a Twitter contest for the new movie — users can submit their own sequel subtitles, though it isn't yet clear how Syfy will end up choosing a victor. That hasn't stopped fans from submitting classic puns like "Chew York, Chew York" or "Shark in the City."

Whatever the movie ends up being called, it'll be hard to recapture the magic that swept over Twitter last week when the original film made its debut, but that surely won't stop Syfy from trying — though by the time 2014 rolls around, we all might have moved on to a different meme. In the meantime, you can catch a rebroadcast of the original on Syfy tomorrow night at 7PM ET.