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Chrome for iOS adds improved Google apps integration, 'experimental' data compression

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chrome ios update stock 1020
chrome ios update stock 1020

Google has just released a fairly significant update for Chrome on iOS. Now available in the App Store, the latest version introduces some anticipated features like fullscreen browsing on iPad and access to your full browsing history — something that's bizarrely been missing since the app debuted. Until today, holding the back button has displayed history for a particular tab, but iOS users have been left without a comprehensive way to look back.

Chrome also now offers improved integration with Google's other apps on Apple's mobile operating system. Once you've signed into your Google account through Chrome, you can now quickly sign into other apps with a single tap. Even better, you can now choose to have select links open in the native Maps, YouTube, Google+, and Google Drive apps rather than displaying in the browser.

And finally, Google is rolling out its experimental data compression service to iOS. The feature was introduced in beta form for Android a few months ago. Now iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad owners will experience the faster page load times and lower data usage offered by the compression service.