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'Star Wars' uploaded to Instagram Video as hundreds of 15-second clips

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Star Wars
Star Wars

What’s your favorite 15 seconds of Star Wars Episode IV? If you don’t have an answer right away, no problem — someone has been painstakingly uploading the entire 1977 classic to Instagram Video as hundreds of tiny snippets. Better still, Gizmodo points out that the person behind the madness is doing it all in reverse chronological order, so that when it’s finished you’ll be able to watch the whole thing from top to bottom. That’s what you call consideration.

Few films have been as exhaustively dissected as Star Wars, but watching it as a series of clips lets you focus on the hundreds of shots and interactions between the actors that you might otherwise gloss over — if you have the patience to keep clicking through it all. And you can tell it's a labor of love for the uploader, who is purposefully framing each individual shot to fit within Instagram's square format. Check it out now at the source link below, unless you had other plans for the day.

Update: It looks like the Star Wars Movie Instagram page has already been pulled. Not surprising, but it's too bad the uploader put in so much time without getting to finish.