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Ouya wants its users to Kickstart exclusive games

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Ouya Free The Games
Ouya Free The Games

After raising more than $8.5 million to fund development of its Android-powered games console, Ouya will use Kickstarter once more to help developers launch exclusive games. According to The Wall Street Journal, Ouya has set aside $1 million for its 'Free The Games Fund', launching on August 9th, and will match pledges between $50,000 and $250,000 from developers that have started their own Kickstarter campaigns.

Developers accepting Ouya's money will need to make their games exclusive to Ouya for at least six months. The company says it will award a $100,000 "rock star" bonus to the developer that receives the most pledges. When we reviewed the Ouya in April, we noted that while there are plenty of fun Android games available, few currently work with a controller and even fewer look good when played on your television. Ouya wants to do something about that, and is willing to put its Kickstarter-supplied money where its mouth is.