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UK investigates Huawei amid concerns of Chinese hacker invasion

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A Huawei cybersecurity center is under review in Britain as lawmakers look to identify whether the Chinese telecommunication equipment manufacturer could pose a risk to national security, reports Reuters. Huawei's multi-billion pound deal to supply networking equipment to BT Group — Britain's largest telecom — has come under fire recently due to concerns that it could covertly be used to assist state-sponsored hacking from China, where Huawei is headquartered. According to the Associated Press, Huawei established a UK cybersecurity center in order to provide oversight of its equipment and technologies, but lawmakers remain concerned that it isn't doing enough.

The security center's review will be conducted by Britain's national security advisor Kim Darroch, though further details on the investigation haven't been revealed. Huawei has seen similar scrutiny in the United States as well, following a congressional report that suggested the company could be a risk to national security. In May, Huawei's CEO spoke out to battle allegations that the company could be connected to hacking, stating that "Huawei has no connection to the cybersecurity issues the US has encountered in the past, current, and future." So far that largely hasn't helped Huawei in assuaging security concerns, but it's continuing to push into the US market regardless.