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Infamous Atari 'rape game' possible option for Conan O'Brien gaming segment

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Clueless Gamer
Clueless Gamer

Update: A Conan spokesman sent us an update: "We solicited the finalists via social media. Once we became aware of the content of the game, it was pulled from consideration."

Conan O'Brien's late night talk show could take a much darker turn if the host plays an infamous rape-themed video game on air. Conan recently asked Twitter for Atari game suggestions to be featured in an upcoming "Clueless Gamer" segment. The top eight, which included Custer's Revenge, were added to an online poll for final voting.

In Custer's Revenge, players control a mostly-nude General George Custer as he attempts to dodge flying arrows and forcibly rape a bound Native American woman. The game was created by the now defunct developer Mystique and marketed as an erotic video game for adults. Women's rights groups, Native Americans, and parents expressed outrage at its release, and Atari even attempted to sue the game makers.

It remains unclear whether the Conan team was aware of the game's sensitive subject matter. The "Clueless Gamer" segment, which has previously featured games such as Tomb Raider and Skyrim, shows Conan and his "assistant nerd" Aaron Bleyaert playing popular titles while providing light-hearted commentary. Conan, who does not regularly play video games, discusses his experience in real time and gives each game a nonsensical score.

Voting is now closed and no winner has yet been announced. Custer's Revenge was among other game finalists such as Pong, Burger Time, Pitfall, Frogger, E.T., Dig Dug, and Joust.