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Wunderlist releases Chrome packaged app with offline support and notifications

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Wunderlist Chrome
Wunderlist Chrome

Chrome is well on its way to becoming more than just a web platform, but a platform unto itself. The way that's happening is with "packaged apps," which use web technologies but are run on Chrome and can actually exist outside your browser window as a distinct app. The latest company to sign on is 6Wunderkinder, which has released a Chrome packaged app for its Wunderlist to-do service. The Wunderlist app on Chrome supports working offline, voice input, tagging, and the desktop notifications that Google rolled out earlier this month. Wunderlist is already available as a native app on iOS, Android, Windows, and the Mac, so the addition of a Chrome app primarily adds support for ChromeOS and accessing Wunderlist from other computers.

Other packaged apps on Chrome include Pocket and even Google Keep. Whether or not ChromeOS has a real shot at becoming a viable desktop operating system will depend largely on if it can achieve broad app support beyond what's available with a web connection. Movement is happening slowly, with full support for the latest packaged app features limited to those on the Chrome developer channel. It's not unreasonable to expect we might hear more about apps on Chrome from Sundar Pichai at Google's event on July 24th.