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Spam marketer fined by FTC for 20 million 'free iPad' texts

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SMS spam
SMS spam

Ever get a text message promising a free iPad? If so, it may have come from Henry Nolan Kelly, a spammer who sent out 20 million text messages promising electronics as part of a large-scale data-collection scam that netted him more than $60,000. But on Thursday, justice finally caught up with Kelly, as the Federal Trade Commission settled a series of complaints against the so-called "internet marketer." The settlement requires Kelly to give back all the money gained in the scheme and cooperate with any future investigations.

It's a light punishment, since most of the $60,000 fine has been waived due to Kelly's "inability to pay." Still, it means a lot less spam on SMS networks, as Kelly is officially prohibited from any future marketing-by-text schemes. He has yet to give out a single free iPad.