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Apple's secret iWatch team includes small device and fitness experts, claims report

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Kevin Lynch SCOBLE
Kevin Lynch SCOBLE

Apple vice president Kevin Lynch

Reports of Apple's long-rumored smartwatch device, commonly called the iWatch, have continually gained steam this year, and remarks from CEO Tim Cook have lent credence to the notion that Apple is working on such a device. A new report from 9to5Mac outlines Apple's supposed secret team that is working on a smartwatch or other wearable technology. Leading the pack is senior vice president of technologies Bob Mansfield, but just below him are former Adobe exec Kevin Lynch, who is heading up software (The Verge has also heard Lynch is working on Apple's smartwatch), and James Foster, who is in charge of hardware on the project.

Joining them is a slew of biometrics and wearables experts, including exiles from AccuVein, C8 MediSensors, and Senseonics, companies that specialize in sensor technologies. Finally, fitness consultant Jay Blahnik has reportedly been hired by Apple. Blahnik's portfolio includes work on Nike's Fuel Band, which is something that Tim Cook has said favorable things about in the past. 9to5Mac has the full breakdown of each team member's history and place on the project, in addition to some history behind Apple's secret skunkworks teams.