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'Ender's Game' star Harrison Ford responds to Orson Scott Card's anti-gay views: 'humanity has won'

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Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford

One of the big stories surrounding the impending release of Ender's Game are the political and social views of the author of the original novel, Orson Scott Card. Card has been a vocal opponent of gay marriage, a stance that has led not only to calls to boycott the Ender's Game movie but also caused Card to step back from writing a Superman comic this past March. The movie's distributor has tried to distance itself from Card's views, arguing that they were not reflected in the film itself. Now Harrison Ford, one of the stars of the movie, has echoed that sentiment by pointing out that "I think none of Mr. Card's views on gay marriage are part of the thematics of this film." Despite those views, which he said are "outside of those that we get within the film," Ford said Card "has written something that is, I think, of value to us all."

"I think we all know that we've won."

Speaking at the San Diego Comic-Con, Ford made reference to Card's statement that he had lost the gay marriage battle. Card had called it "moot" after the recent Supreme Court ruling and said that "It will be interesting to see whether the victorious proponents of gay marriage will show tolerance toward those who disagreed with them when the issue was still in dispute." Ford's reply to Card's statement was simple: "I think we all know that we've won. That humanity has won. And that's the end of the story." Later, at the Ender's Game fan panel, an attendee asked how involved Card was in the movie given his anti-gay views, prompting jeers from the audience to "let it go."

Additional reporting by Bryan Bishop