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Verge Favorites: Chao Li

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The Verge staffers aren't just people who love technology. They're people who love stuff. We spend as much time talking and thinking about our favorite books, music, and movies as we do debating the best smartphone to buy or what point-and-shoot has the tightest macro. We thought it would make sense to share our latest obsessions with Verge readers, and we hope you're encouraged to share your favorites with us. Thus a long, healthy debate will ensue where we all end up with new things to read, listen to, or try on. Today, our support manager for The Verge, Chao Li, shares her favorites.

Pikachu 3DS XL


I’ve been playing Pokemon since Red and Blue, and I’ve played every series since then. When I saw this special-edition Pikachu Nintendo 3DS XL, I simply said, "Shut up and take my money." It feels a lot more solid than the regular 3DS and the battery life is surprisingly good. I use this thing every day for Street Pass, a fun, social feature that uses a close-range wireless connection to trade characters and game items when you pass other people with a Nintendo. I can’t wait till Pokemon X and Y.

Richard Matheson


My high school English teacher introduced me to the works of Richard Matheson about nine years ago and I’ve devoured all of his stories since then. Matheson’s stories linger with you after you read them. I love that he can create a character that a reader feels for and a twisted ending in two short pages. My favorite story of his is "Third from the Sun", and it was adapted into an episode of The Twilight Zone — like many of his other stories. If you are more of a horror fan, try "Prey," a short story about a possessed doll. I had to turn on the lights to finish that story.

‘Black Mirror’


I’ve never met anyone who’s seen Black Mirror — probably because it’s European. The show is a product of Charlie Brooker, a satirist, writer, cultural critic, and a contributor to The Guardian. The show is the closest thing we have to a modern Twilight Zone. The three episode seasons are all independent stories that makes viewers reflect upon technology, social media, entertainment, and how they impact our lives and shape the world we live in. You can find it on Amazon. So far there have been two seasons of the show. Let me know in the comments if you’ve seen it. I really want to talk about it with people.

‘Animal Crossing: New Leaf’


I was going to put Pokemon Heart Gold as my favorite game but after getting Animal Crossing, I realized that I’ve put more hours into this game in the last two weeks than I did Pokemon Black 2. As the mayor, the player has to develop the town and make all the animal citizens happy by fishing, collecting fruit, and catching bugs. It doesn’t sound like much but I find myself waking up at 6:00AM to do a round of fishing.

BlackMilk Leggings


Before Black Milk, I’d never spent more than $60 for anything that covered the lower half of my body. Now I find myself buying a pair of tights every other paycheck. These well-made tights from Australia are warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I have about five pairs now and someone just told me that they’ve secured the rights to make a Harry Potter series of tights.