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Oculus CEO: 'we’re a lot more excited about where mobile's going'

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While the Oculus Rift has captured the attention of the gaming world, its maker doesn't see consoles as its "focus" right now. Instead, the company is looking at developments in the smartphone industry in order to get the best out of its virtual reality headset. Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe told Edge: "I love consoles but internally we’re a lot more excited about where mobile’s going to go, and being able to plug it right into a next-gen cellphone."

Iribe is excited by the continued innovation in the smartphone market. "There’s a lot of improvements that can be made on the hardware side for VR that no-one’s doing yet because it’s a new thing," he said, adding: "The mobile rate of innovation is going to be able to make a lot of those improvements." The Oculus chief might have a point — consoles often have longer life cycles, while popular smartphones are updated every year. The Rift is expected to be made available to the public next year for around $300, possibly going free if the company can find the right business model.