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Invisibility cloaks and other 'superpowers' the topic of White House Hangout at 12PM ET

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White House
White House

In the spirit of the San Diego Comic-Con, the White House is holding a Google+ Hangout today at 12PM ET with a panel of innovators who are "designing materials to enable real-life superpowers" (emphasis theirs). As part of the "We the Geeks" series, a panel of scientists and engineers will be discussing new materials technologies, such as invisibility cloaks, self-healing electronic skin, and new types of armour.

Similar to the Maker-themed hangout in March, the discussion will be lead by the White House innovation advisor Tom Kalil and will not include President Barack Obama. Panelists will include James Kakalios, author of The Physics of Superheroes, Nate Ball of PBS's Design Squad Nation, Zhenan Bao, a researcher focusing on synthetic skin, and others.

You can watch live by visiting or visiting the administration's Google+ and YouTube pages. The video will also be available after the live-streaming event.