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Play this: 'Futuridium EP' turns 'Star Fox' into a dubstep-infused arcade game

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Futuridium EP
Futuridium EP

Futuridium EP is what would happen if you took Star Fox, turned it into an arcade shooter, and then threw in plenty of dubstep. In each level you'll need eliminate all of the blue blocks before you can move on, and even early on that can prove tricky. The controls — which force you to make a lot of 180 degree turns — can take a bit of getting used to, and racking up a high score usually requires memorizing the layout of each level. What makes things particularly tricky, aside from the increasingly complex level designs, is that there's little room for error. Crashing into an obstacle or getting shot by a turret significantly depletes your energy, so you usually only get room for one mistake.

The game does feature an arcade-like structure, though, so as you destroy blocks you'll earn credits that can be used to restart after a game over (though your score will be reset). You can also use credits to unlock new visual skins, and the game features an incredible soundtrack that's just begging for a good pair of headphones. Futuridium EP was just released on iOS devices for $1.99, and it feels particularly great on the iPad, but there's also a free version for PC and Mac in case you don't have the appropriate hardware. Check it out now at the source links below.