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Lego 'Back to the Future' DeLorean materializes at Comic-Con, ships next month

Lego 'Back to the Future' DeLorean materializes at Comic-Con, ships next month

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It's been a long journey, but Doc Brown's Lego-fied DeLorean time machine is a reality. The new Back to the Future Lego set — a seemingly perfect pairing — is at San Diego Comic-Con this week, and it'll be on store shelves on August 1st for $34.99. It's quite an accomplishment to get this far: the set was first submitted in August 2011 to Lego's Cuusoo site for fan-made concept sets, and it had to tally 10,000 votes before getting the opportunity for an official review. Lego's licensed the Back to the Future brand from Universal, and the DeLorean set is only the fourth to come out of Lego's Cuusoo program.

'Back to the Future' Lego DeLorean


We took the opportunity to see the Back to the Future Time Machine in the flesh at Comic-Con, and unfortunately the original design that passed through the Cuusoo program has seen some alteration. It's lost quite a bit of that DeLorean look — we think the hood is to blame — but all of the major pieces are here so you can turn back the clock 25 years to Back in the Future's heyday. You'll get Marty McFly and Doc Brown, of course, and the DeLorean has a Flux Capacitor, Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor, and a recreation of the navigation clock. The best part? The set includes everything to build the slightly different time machine featured in each of the three movies, all the way down to the license plate. Oh, the wheels rotate into flying mode and the gullwing doors open, too.

Adi Robertson contributed to this report.