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Moto X to be revealed on August 1st in New York City

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Motorola is set to reveal its highly-anticipated new Android smartphone, the Moto X, on August 1st. We've received an invite for an event in New York City with the teaser "Come experience the new Motorola." The invite itself features the much-leaked Moto X and its distinctive curved top ridge in both black and white.

We already know quite a bit about the Moto X, which will be the first Motorola phone completely built under Google's watch. It's expected that the company will focus on customizations with the new device, giving users the option to choose the color of the back and sides of the phone, for instance. CEO Dennis Woodside also said earlier this year that the Moto X would be assembled in the US at a Texas-based plant, and it's said that local assembly will allow custom devices to ship to customers quickly. The Moto X is expected to launch on all major US carriers, and it may cost as little as $199 off-contract.