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Reload for the zombie apocalypse in this trailer for 'The Walking Dead Season Four'

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walking dead s4 screencap
walking dead s4 screencap

Zombies are a running theme at this year's San Diego Comic-Con — from the show floor to the Gaslamp Quarter, look around and you'll see somebody shambling, shuffling, and otherwise being not alive. AMC has taken advantage of zombie fever by debuting a trailer for the upcoming season of The Walking Dead. While last season didn't end on the most upbeat of notes, things appear to be getting even worse — but we'll avoid the spoilers and let you watch it for yourself. The new season of The Walking Dead will debut on October 13th, if you can stay alive that long.

The series' new showrunner, Scott M. Gimple, told The Hollywood Reporter that the upcoming season's first episode "blew my mind." He also revealed that the characters' constant proximity to danger may settle down for a bit — but he promised that viewers shouldn't relax too much: "They might get a little comfortable, but then things might get a little dangerous."