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Pebble smartwatch makes retail debut, now shipping from Best Buy

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pebble twine 800
pebble twine 800

The Pebble smartwatch's claim to fame is its record-breaking Kickstarter campaign — 85,000 units sold and over $10 million collected — but the device is also known for being incredibly difficult to purchase thanks to months-long pre-order lists and missed ship dates. That's about to change, however: the company is ready to start selling watches directly through traditional retail channels now that most Pebbles have shipped to backers. Starting today, Best Buy will start selling Pebble smartwatches online for $149.99, and they'll be available in stores starting Sunday, July 7th thanks to an "exclusive retail launch partnership."

By offering the watches through retail before fulfilling all Kickstarter orders, Pebble may face the wrath of disillusioned backers who see the move as a type of betrayal — a fate Ouya was unable to avoid when it started selling through retailers. However, only black versions of the Pebble will be available at Best Buy to start with, and all original backers who ordered that color have already received their orders. The company is still working to get orange, gray, and white versions out to backers, but it's long offered those customers the option to get a black Pebble instead. If you're looking to get a Pebble in either of those three colors you'll need to still hold a spot in the pre-order list online, though the red version will be sold through Best Buy beginning in August.

Meet Pebble: Now at Best Buy from Pebble Technology on Vimeo.