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Reeder for iPhone adds Feedly and Feed Wrangler support as Google Reader goes dark

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Just in time for the demise of Google's Reader RSS syncing service, version 3.2 of Reeder's iPhone app is now available for download. The popular RSS client now adds support for Feedly — currently the only free service with Google Reader-like front-end and back-end support. And if you're a fan of features and sustainable business models, it also adds support for Feed Wrangler, a paid alternative. However, Reeder 3.2 isn’t set up to deal with smart streams, one of Feed Wrangler's biggest draws.

On the Reeder site, developer Silvio Rizzi writes that the iPhone, Mac, and iPad versions of Reeder are all going to get major revisions in the future. Unfortunately, that means that the existing iPad and Mac apps won’t be getting any more attention until then, and with Google Reader going offline, Rizzo has pulled both from their respective app stores.