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Spotify for iOS updated with Discover tab and a new icon

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Spotify iOS update
Spotify iOS update

The Spotify app for iOS has been updated with a few new features. The biggest addition is the "Discover" tab, long an option elsewhere, which has now made its way over to Apple devices. Discover gives you recommendations based on your playlists and listening preferences, but the feature apparently isn't available to everyone yet; Spotify says it's "coming soon to everyone." The "Now Playing" view for iPhone has changed slightly as well; it doesn't immediately kick you out of your playlist or search when you start a song. Also new is the app icon, which features a flat look in line with both Apple's upcoming iOS 7 and Spotify's recent identity refresh for the US market. The app is available as a free download from the App Store, but depending on your region you may need a paid subscription to use it.