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Lena Dunham didn't buy a $20,000 sofa and other revelations from the old email of celebrities

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sent email
sent email

For 20 weeks, previously sent emails from Kirsten Dunst, Lena Dunham, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar are being blasted out into the inboxes of the world at large. Writer and director Miranda July has taken scraps from their sent mail folders as well as the outboxes of seven others — including writers, fashion designers, and a theoretical physicist — and turned the messages into makeshift portraits themed around different subjects. The project is called We Think Alone, and it's hoping to give viewers a voyeuristic look into the personal lives stored inside all of our inboxes.

July has collected 20 emails from each participant, and is collating them into weekly presentations. The first went out yesterday with a focus on money, revealing details about a car that Dunst sold to a friend, and how upon getting a $24,035.24 quote for production and delivery of a sofa, Dunham simply responded "decided it's just too expensive:)". The rest of the emails will be sent out across the coming months, ending in mid-November. While the first email has already been sent off, you can sign up now to catch the rest.