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The Vergecast 083: Boxee bought, Glassing the NBA Draft, Google rumors

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Top Shelf and 90 Seconds are goin' fishin'

Vergecast Logo lede image
Vergecast Logo lede image

It's a major holiday week for North America — Canada Day was July 1st, and there's this fireworks thing for the US on Thursday — so the Top Shelf crew and (after tonight) the 90 Seconds crews are taking a break this week.

Not to worry, though, you can watch or listen to The Vergecast at the links below, and when you're done with that you can catch this week's episode of On The Verge with Mo Rocca and H. Jon Benjamin along with your (ir)regularly-scheduled Verge Mobile Show (that's Tuesday at 4:30PM ET but always available on demand) and Verge Book Club. Plenty of distractions to tide you over!