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Moto X, a Russian rocket explodes, and 'The Sandman': 90 Seconds on The Verge

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Everything had suddenly gone quiet. He cocked his head, listening. No music from upstairs. No fireworks or shouting from the lake outside. The cabin was just... still. "Hello?"

He stood up. "Okay you guys, come on," he said to the empty room. "I know what you're doing. This is the scene where the guy who's gone up to the cabin with his four friends suddenly realizes that the horrible creature has taken them all, right? And then like six seconds later it throws open the front door and comes after him. C'mon... try to be a little more creative, would ya?"

The Horrible Creature opened the front door. "You don't have to be so harsh. I'm doing the best I can."

Stories of the day:

Written by Bryan Bishop and Ross Miller. Video and production by John Lagomarsino and Christian Mazza.