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Motorola building a 'world-class wearables design group,' according to job posting

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We knew Motorola was interested in crazy wearable technology — like vitamin authentication and electronic tattoos — but now it appears the Google-owned company is preparing to actually design and build computers you can attach to yourself. In a job posting for a "Senior Director of Industrial Design," the company lays out a goal: the "ideal candidate" will help create "a new world-class wearables design group within Motorola," and manage day-to-day operations of the group.

"architect a design plan for leadership in the area of wearable technologies"

"The wearables design team will lead the establishment of our brand in the massive competitive and growing space of wearable connected products," writes Motorola. The company's looking for an expert with over 15 years of experience who can "hit the ground running and architect a design plan for leadership in the area of wearable technologies."

Of course, Motorola owner Google is already heavily invested in the idea of wearable computing, both with the Google Glass headset and (reportedly) a smartwatch as well, and Motorola itself tried and failed to make a dent with a wrist-based computer, the MOTOACTV, two years ago. Why would Motorola also be independently pursuing wearable tech now? Perhaps the company is better equipped than Google to design and build such device on a large scale, but it's hard to tell how closely the companies communicate right now.