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Rated R: director David Twohy on making 'Riddick' without compromise

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The last time audiences saw Vin Diesel's sci-fi antihero Richard B. Riddick in theaters was back in 2004, but that's going to change in September with the upcoming Riddick. Here at San Diego Comic-Con we sat down with writer and director David Twohy after he debuted a new red-band trailer with a particularly striking visual payoff to the legions in Hall H. Riddick represents a return to the R-rated form of the original Pitch Black, and Twohy discussed the making of the film, his plans for future installments, his personal feelings on 3D, and the creative freedom that working outside the traditional studio system allows.

Fortunately, that red-band trailer is available for online audiences to enjoy as well — so if you'd like to see what the hubbub in Hall H was about, you can check it out below.