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NimbleTV's web TV service goes dark after Dish Networks cuts it off

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nimbletv ipad ui
nimbletv ipad ui

NimbleTV, like Aereo, is in the business of trying to disrupt the cable TV industry with a clever technological workaround. In NimbleTV's case, it's letting customers lease a TV service at a location of their choosing and then use it to stream and record television over the internet. Unfortunately, as All Things D reports, Dish Network has pulled the plug on the service NimbleTV was using for its customers. Service has reportedly been out for a full week now and NimbleTV says that it's trying to get it restored as quickly as possible. NimbleTV has been running a beta service in New York City for a few months now and seemed like it was on track for a larger launch.

"NimbleTV is not an authorized DISH retailer."

The issue is apparently that Dish Networks doesn't want people believing that it's affiliated with NimbleTV and vice versa. In a statement to All Things D, the company said "NimbleTV is not an authorized DISH retailer, and is not authorized by DISH to market or promote our services." Whether you consider NimbleTV a rebroadcaster, reseller, or just a glorified Slingbox, the bottom line is that any company that puts itself in the middle of the relationship that cable companies want to have with their customers is bound to run into resistance. NimbleTV had planned on adding other providers besides Dish to its service — but right now that's looking easier said than done.