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Apple testing 13-inch iPad and larger iPhone: WSJ

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WWDC Stock images
WWDC Stock images

Apple is testing iPhones and iPads with larger screen sizes, according to a supply chain report from The Wall Street Journal. The company is said to be considering an iPad with a screen size of just under 13 inches, along with an iPhone with a screen measuring over 4 inches diagonally.

Korean news site ET News reported in May that Apple was testing a 12.9-inch iPad, and Reuters reported last month that the company is looking into producing iPhones with screen sizes of 4.7 inches and 5.7 inches.

Neither product may see the light of day

It's not clear whether any of the models will make it into mass production; Apple, like many other companies, tests a large number of prototypes before deciding to launch a product. Documents produced during its showdown trial with Samsung last year gave insight into the process, with dozens of rejected iPhone and iPad designs presented as evidence.

The WSJ's sources say that this year will see the release of a new iPad with the same 9.7-inch 2048 x 1536 Retina display, but employing a film-based touch technology to make the structure thinner and lighter. The upcoming iPhone "5S," meanwhile, is said to be set for a release this year alongside a lower-cost plastic model, and both will reportedly come in a variety of colors.