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Canary provides always-on, always learning home security in a beautiful, simple box

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"It's like Nest for home security," founder and CEO Adam Sager said when describing Canary, his new connected home security device. It's an apt description: like the always-learning thermostat, Canary is designed not only to provide peace of mind and security, but to always be improving at its job. The device itself is just a slender, cylindrical container full of sensors – from a video camera to humidity monitors to a siren and an air quality sensor. Installing it is as simple as plugging it into your wall. The device will tell you if someone comes in your house, or if there's carbon monoxide, or if it's been moved. Over time, it learns your activities, and changes the alerts accordingly. If you're always coming home at 6PM Canary won't tell you you've opened the door; but if someone comes into your house at 2:30 it figures you want to know.

The $199 device (backers of the Canary Indiegogo campaign get it for $149) is also handy just for keeping an eye on your home. Sager described how his father installed a Canary in his father's house, and can check on him even from thousands of miles away. Sager imagines people will use it to check on their kids or pets, or just to make sure the house is still standing. Everything's stored in the cloud and accessed through a gorgeous iPhone app (Android and iPad are coming later this year), so even if your burglar steals your Canary they won't get away with it.

Like Nest, Canary's easiest selling point is that it'll simply save you money. Most people have no need to install an expensive, complicated ADT system or rig up a home full of Dropcams; Canary's a renter-friendly, dead-simple system that can keep you safe — or at least just provide some peace of mind.