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Google reportedly accounts for 25 percent of North American internet traffic

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Google New York Chelsea Office (STOCK)
Google New York Chelsea Office (STOCK)

Google isn't just a major part of your daily internet use — it's reportedly almost a quarter of it. New findings from the analytics firm DeepField suggest that almost 25 percent of North American internet traffic is headed to and from Google's servers every day, be it for search, web apps, or video. It's a giant number, and it reportedly means that Google is serving up more data than Facebook, Twitter, and Netflix combined.

Most of the traffic is from YouTube

But Google hasn't always had such an enormous presence: back in 2010, DeepField found that Google accounted for only six percent of North American internet traffic. While the firm doesn't pinpoint why Google's traffic has quadrupled, Wired reports that much of it is due to YouTube. Because the traffic is determined by the amount of data being sent — and not by the amount of visitors — YouTube has a big impact from delivering its data-heavy video streams.

Though Google's latest traffic share is giant, it shouldn't be so surprising: DeepField found that 60 percent of all internet-connected devices are used to access a Google product at least once every day. Of course, DeepField's numbers are estimates based on a subset of internet users, but the firm believes that it's a robust and representative subset. The data is anonymously gathered from major data hubs that reportedly serve up about one-fifth of traffic throughout the US — and DeepField says that makes it one of the largest studies of internet traffic there is.