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Samsung bringing its curved OLED TV to the US at selected retailers this week

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curved oled
curved oled

Samsung and LG both introduced curved OLED TVs back at CES earlier this year, and it looks like Samsung's will be available in the US very soon — albeit in limited quantities. As reported earlier by CNET, a high-end TV and electronics dealer in Scarsdale, NY called Value Electronics says that it'll be selling the Samsung KN55SN this week. That's apparently the model number for the 55-inch, curved OLED TV we saw earlier this year, and it'll cost consumers who come to the store to place an order a whopping $14,999. Quantities appear extremely limited, and the set can only be ordered in person right now. CNET spoke with the store owner to confirm its availability, and we've also contacted the store to confirm that they'll be selling the TV very soon.

This comes a little under a month since the set went on sale in Korea for the equivalent of $13,000 USD; LG's 55-inch curved OLED also became available right around the same time. It looks like the set has been updated slightly since we saw it at CES — according to pictures posted at Samsung Tomorrow last month, the set now includes a frame to hold it in place. The TV is still as thin as ever, though, and will likely turn heads if you're one of the few willing to shell out for it. While this isn't exactly a wide release for Samsung's first curved OLED, we'd expect to see it start popping up in more mainstream retailers as the year goes on.