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Belkin launches smartphone-controlled WeMo light switch for $49.99, details Android support

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Belkin Wemo Light Switch
Belkin Wemo Light Switch

Several months after demonstrating the latest addition to its WeMo home automation product lineup, Belkin is today formally launching the WeMo Light Switch. If you'll remember, the $49.99 switch connects to your Wi-Fi network and lets you remotely control lighting in your home through Belkin's automation apps for iOS and Android smartphones. (Android users can expect to see the app at 1PM PT.) You're not limited to controlling a sole light, either; the switch can manage an entire bank of lights. Obviously basic functionality you'd expect like turning lights on and off is here, but Belkin claims there's ample opportunity for customization. Lighting schedules can be set from anywhere, and the WeMo Light Switch can even factor in local sunrise and sunset times. Optional integration with IFTTT gives serious tinkerers options for even deeper automation.

Belkin says the WeMo Light Switch can "easily" be incorporated into your existing electrical wiring setup, and it's available now from retailers including Apple, Best Buy, and Verizon Wireless. The company is today also confirming which Android devices it's supporting with WeMo. Belkin is including all hardware running version 4.0 and up, so as long as you bought your current phone within the last year or two, you should be able to buy into the system.