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Spike Lee looks to fund next film with $1.25M Kickstarter project (update)

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Spike Lee Kickstarter
Spike Lee Kickstarter

Spike Lee is turning to Kickstarter to finance his next movie. Citing the enormous popularity of earlier crowd funding efforts by Zach Braff and the creators of Veronica Mars, Lee says the Kickstarter campaign will free him from Hollywood's current blockbuster-driven business model. "It's not an encouraging look for independent filmmakers," he writes on the untitled film's donation page. "To me it's not just that these films are being made but it seems like these are the only films getting made."

Lee says he has a "different vision of what cinema can be" and is turning to his fans to transform that vision into reality. "If you have liked any of my films in the past, this is the price it costs to see another one," he says. "C'mon people, please get behind this joint." The filmmaker is promising that 100 percent of funds raised will be directed toward the project. And for anyone in search of proof that Lee can deliver, the director points doubters to a body of work that stretches three decades long.

A minimum $5 contribution will get you a customized "thanks" tweet from the famed filmmaker. Those kicking in $10,000 or more will — among other prizes — get to sit courtside with Spike Lee, a famously passionate New York Knicks Fan, at Madison Square Garden.

Update: It looks like Lee is $10,000 closer to his goal thanks to a fellow filmmaker. NextMovie reports that none other than Steven Soderbergh has kicked in for the "dinner and a Knicks game" option.