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Verizon rolls out fastest FiOS tier yet with 500Mbps downloads, 100Mbps uploads

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verizon fios quantum 1020
verizon fios quantum 1020

It's still not quite on par with Google Fiber, but Verizon today launched its fastest FiOS internet package ever, offering 500Mbps downloads and 100Mbps uploads to both residential and business customers. The new top Quantum tier is initially available "in parts" of every existing FiOS market, with Verizon working to extend availability to its entire high-speed internet footprint through next year.

Don't go changing your internet package just yet however, as the new premium offering comes at a premium price. A double play including the 500 / 100 speeds and a FiOS cable subscription costs $309.99 per month. That jumps up to $329.99 per month for a triple play that bundles in phone service; a two-year agreement is required in either case. Options are more limited for small businesses; they can only choose a standalone internet package that demands $369 per month.

Verizon says the speedy tier can also be purchased sans contract on a month-to-month basis, but the fact that it's not including pricing for that option in its press release should tell you that it won't come cheap. Still, that hasn't stopped the company from assembling numerous charts (and the above video) detailing just why you may want to look into speeding things up a bit.