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Ember for Mac: a digital scrapbook from the makers of Clear

Ember for Mac: a digital scrapbook from the makers of Clear

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Realmac Software, the developer behind Clear, has just launched its latest creation: Ember, a Mac app for collecting photos, sketches, drawings, and mockups. The app is a lot like Evernote, but focused solely on capturing, annotating, and sharing images. It's a tool built by designers for designers, which means it comes at a pro-level cost: $49.99.

Ember features all the bells and whistles you'd expect from Realmac, like "Smart Collections" for finding all the iPhone app mockups you did this past month, browser extensions for clipping, a Skitch-like image editor, and even Tumblr and CloudApp integration for posting your work. There's also the ability to use the app's Subscriptions tab to keep track of RSS feeds for your favorite design-related sites like Dribbble and 500px. Ember downloads only the images inside each post, so flipping through feeds is simple.

Compared to industry leader Evernote, Ember is an especially tough sell since it includes no companion apps on iPhone, Android, or other platforms. Realmac says new Ember apps are coming with iCloud sync for your stuff, but for now, your images are stuck on your Mac. Yet, if you've grown tired of Evernote or simply need a dedicated space for your design work, Ember is an elegant and effective alternative.