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Completion of world's tallest building delayed until 2014 as costs soar

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Sky City
Sky City

China will be forced to wait at least another nine months in order to claim it is home to the world's tallest building after delays hit construction of the 2,750-foot (838-meter), 220-story high Sky City tower in Changsha. Developer BSB was originally scheduled to break ground in June and hoped to complete the work by the end of the year thanks to its prefabricated method of construction. While work began last week, Sky City's completion date has been pushed back to April 2014, allowing Dubai's Burj Khalifa — which stands at 2717 feet — to retain its record for a little longer.

According to the Dubai Chronicle, the record-breaking building has also seen its budget rise from $625 million to over $855 million. Its developer has yet to provide a reason for the delay or the budget increase. When Sky City opens, it will feature apartments, schools, recreational facilities, and more, reducing the per capita use of land and the need to move around. Its developer claims a fivefold increase in energy efficiency over buildings built with conventional techniques while making it earthquake-resistant to a 9.0 magnitude.