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Remix artist Pogo explains how he morphs classic films into hit electronic jams

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pogo remix doc
pogo remix doc

Remix artist Nick Bertke — better known as Pogo — takes the sounds and songs of classic films and morphs them into dreamy, electronic jams. His remixes of Disney and Pixar films like Alice in Wonderland and Up have amassed millions of views on YouTube, and now the artist is taking a break from production to explain just how those hits were made. Once he begins breaking down the audio of a film, Bertke says that "it takes me a good four to five weeks to build a complete palette of instruments." From there, it's a matter of exploration and serendipity. "Each one of these sounds has its own emotion in it and its own spirit ... you never know what you're gonna end up with."

You can watch Bertke constructing his classic film pieces, branching out into real-world sounds, and explaining just how a remix is made in the video below.